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Six Rules for ‘Smart Simplicity’

Mon Sep 28 2015
As Visible Systems Specialists we talk to people everyday who buy one or more of our whiteboard systems to improve productivity and increase collaboration between employees. They tell us about the need to simplify communications and the operational improvement they seek by having everyone working together.

One of those customers told me about this TED talk on why productivity at work is so disappointing despite all the technologies available and why there is so little engagement with people at work. Please watch this video to see an energetic 12 minute video by Yves Morieux that clearly addresses the causes and 6 rules for smart simplicity:

His accent is a little heavy but the content is outstanding. Here are the 6 rules for simplifying. Listen closely!
  1. Understand what others do
  2. Reinforce Managers as Integrators
  3. Increase the quantity of power each person has
  4. Increase the shadow of the future (make people responsible for their actions)
  5. Increase reciprocity between employees
  6. Reward those who cooperate "Blame is not for failure it is for failure to ask for help!"

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