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The Benefits of Having a Dry Erase Board Calendar

The Benefits of Having a Dry Erase Board Calendar

Wed Jul 9 2014
One of the most important things in life to me is being organized, and it's not something that always comes easy. Life can be hectic, so it's best to stay on top of things. To avoid any headaches or confusion, I like having my days planned out in advance because if anything, it helps to keep me on track. One way that I keep organized is through keeping a calendar of upcoming events, meetings, and other things that are happening as a part of my schedule.

Being organized will put your mind at ease, and one key component of this is having a whiteboard calendar. In comparison to the calendar that you may already have, there are numerous benefits to having your calendar on a whiteboard, and here are a few.
  1. Keep track of your meetings: If you're in on at least a few meetings each week, then you'll likely need a Meeting Schedule, which is a great form of a whiteboard calendar. With a calendar like this, you can list all of your meetings in the week, and if something changes, it's no problem! If changes need to be made, simply move the meeting cards around the board. This is much more hassle-free than writing things on a calendar with a pen and being unable to remove them.
  2. Plan out your daily tasks: With an Hour by Hour whiteboard calendar, you can organize your day like never before. I've personally found this to be extremely beneficial, as I can plan my day from start to finish from the moment I arrive at the office. The best part about this is that much like with the Meeting Schedule calendar, if anything changes and you have to revisit a project later in the day, you can shuffle the tasks around on the calendar. Hassle-free is the way to be!
  3. Taking a look at the bigger picture: In any line of work, there will always be the bigger projects that are drawn out over greater lengths of time, and that's where something like a 365-Day GrandPlanner calendar comes in as the perfect fit. Detailed planning management is the focus here, as this type of whiteboard calendar is perfect for visualizing and storyboarding the entire process and lists of tasks over a long period of time. Not only that, but you can use this to post upcoming events, for example.
  4. Plan and schedule future commitments:  Quickly and efficiently plan, post, change and update your most important activities on a 365-Day Magnetic Planning Calendar. Use magnetic cardholders and card inserts for 50 color-combination codes, and magnetic status signals in 10 colors. No matter how detailed or intense your year schedule becomes, you can instantly locate the item by its color code.

These types of whiteboard calendars are essential for helping you stay on track, especially in the business world. Take it from me - things can get incredibly stressful and overwhelming at times, but you can't ever let it consume you. By staying organized with your daily tasks, long-term projects, and meetings, for example, you'll relieve yourself of both stress and headaches in the process. Plus, it just feels good to be organized!
Have you been taking advantage of a whiteboard calendar for anything? If so, what have you found to be the biggest benefits? Share that and more with us in the comments below!

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