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Ways to Study with a White Board

Fri Dec 13 2013
A whiteboard is convenient because it can be used over and over again without any mess or hassle. Whether you have a small whiteboard or a whiteboard that is a bit larger, you have a resource you can use to study and absorb material. The great thing about a whiteboard is that you can use different colored markers, magnets, and other accessories to help make your studying easier. Another great thing about a whiteboard is that unlike a computer keyboard, everyone in a study group can access the same whiteboard at the same time. The whiteboard encourages interactive studying and makes it easier for people to share ideas.

Whiteboards are great places to keep lists of tasks you have to do and subjects that you have to study. You can use the different colored markers to color-coordinate your studies and make separate lists for each subject that you can follow as you go through the material. A whiteboard allows you to keep a dynamic task list that can be organized in such a way that you can easily follow it, and you can also make it easy for others to follow if you have a study group. As each item gets completed, you simply erase it and move on to the next.

One of the tools that some students use to study is to create a stream of consciousness on a subject and solve the problem while thinking out loud. Students studying math and science can use a whiteboard to write their ideas down as they get them and then expand on those ideas as they continue to solve the problems they are presented with. A whiteboard can be more interactive than a computer screen, a paper easel, or just about any other way that people can make group notes. You can spread out your information and analyze each part to make your studies more productive.

When you are studying for a major exam or putting together an important project, there will always be other things going on around you. With a whiteboard, you can write down notes to yourself that will allow you to stay focused on your studies and remember other important appointments as well. You can also use a whiteboard to make notes on areas that you need to examine more closely and then use that information to enhance your studies. A whiteboard can be separated into several segments where you can make notes on daily tasks that need to get done, keep track of important family commitments, and make notes to yourself on the information you need to gather to complete your studies.

Do you study a subject that requires you to draw models of the subject you are discussing? Biology, physics, and other disciplines require students to write out graphs, diagrams, and formulas to come to a final conclusion. With the wide space available on a whiteboard, you can practice your graphing and drawing skills all you want until you become proficient at expressing the solutions you find. A whiteboard is a great study aid for scientific subjects because it allows you to make constant changes to your solutions without upsetting the method you used to get to those solutions. When you need to see your work all laid out in a format that is easy to read and adjust, then you want to use a whiteboard.

Studying in general can be made easier if you just follow a few simple tips. You should focus on one subject at a time and avoid trying to cram for several different tests on the same night. If you try to do too much at once, you will only confuse yourself. You should never study while you are tired because your brain will be unable to retain the information you are trying to absorb. Always study in an area with adequate lighting, and always have the supplies you need on hand. For those marathon study sessions, you will want to put yourself close to an accessible restroom to make things more comfortable.

Whiteboards are often underrated as study aids, but they offer many different benefits. Whether you are studying on your own or you are in an interactive study group, you will find that presenting your ideas on a whiteboard makes the entire process easier. You can add or subtract information easily on a whiteboard, and you can leave notes for yourself so that you never forget when and where your next exam will be taking place.

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