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What Gets Measured Gets Done -- Productivity Tracking in the Workplace

Thu Sep 18 2014
It takes a great team to make a business tick to its maximum potential - and if one particular wing of the company isn't performing up to par, it's the entire company that will suffer, which will absolutely be reflected in the bottom line.

In a manufacturing environment, you're being relied on to produce products quickly without sacrificing quality. After all, when it comes to product development, time to market is crucial these days and the manufacturing step of the development cycle is the final, yet arguably the most important, part of promptly getting the product out the door and to the end user.

So how can you ensure that each aspect of your manufacturing sector is working as efficiently as it should be? By making employees accountable and by making your operations more transparent. This can be accomplished with a Production Scoreboard Whiteboard System to track product yields and ensure that goals are being met in the facility.
Production Efficiency-Tracker boards not only analyze your operations and help to diagnose issues, but they just as importantly can be seen by all to hold everyone accountable. Because when everyone is performing to their maximum potential and the company performs better, it's everyone who wins.
"Production Efficiency-Tracker boards have helped us increase our productivity by 10% since we started using them," says a Rome, Georgia-based Continuous Improvement Manager for a Baked Goods Manufacturer. "People need feedback. With these boards, they can actually see the score of the game. If they don't, they can only guess. Every minute is worth X number of cases in our production. When they fall short, they need to document the reasons."
Here's a look at some of the benefits of these production status board systems:
  • Field-Proven to increased productivity
  • Production-Efficiency tracking capability.
  • See short- (i.e. hourly) and long-term trends (i.e. weekly, monthly).
  • Ability to easily analyze areas where corrective action is necessary.
  • Ability to easily diagnose any production issues.
  • Designed to last for a lifetime of daily use and built to sustain the elements of extreme manufacturing environments
  • Include magnetic status signals, magnets, document holders, dry erase pens and more to help track your operations and maximize productivity

And just because it's worth repeating again, these production boards are also valuable because they can be seen by everyone involved in the full day cycle, which is an even greater motivation to ensure that everyone's part is being done as to not let down the rest of the team.

So if your facility is continually failing to reach its product runs on time, it's time to look internally and really get to the root of the problem. That's where a Production Efficiency-Tracker board can pay big dividends, as you - and all of your staff - can see where your operations are deadpanning and take the necessary measures to correct it. Related Links & Resources:

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