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Every Lean Enthusiast Needs To Know These 5 Blogs

Every Lean Enthusiast Needs To Know These 5 Blogs

Wed Mar 2 2016
By: Mike P

The Internet is clouded with hundreds of websites that cover the lean manufacturing beat, and with plenty of stories being published every day, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to keep up with the latest lean practices and findings. If you’re familiar with the Magnatag Insight Blog, it is likely you’ve read some of my own findings regarding the lean process; but my findings are not, and should never be, interpreted as the absolute truth. So much of the lean process revolves around finding what works best for you, so I think it is important to develop an eclectic understanding of how lean can work for you.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of 5 websites every lean enthusiast should follow:
  1. Mark Graban’s Leanblog.org
  2. Mark Graban is widely considered to be one of the leading thought provokers in the lean industry. While Mark’s blog specifically focuses on implementing lean in the confines of a healthcare facility, his lessons can easily be repurposed for any lean process. The Lean Blog also features a variety of guest bloggers from the industry, providing diversified coverage across the board. The great part about this blog is that it not only covers lean through the use of the written medium, but Mark also hosts a weekly podcast in addition to curating videos that cover different components of lean.

  3. Tim McMahon’s Aleanjourney.com 
  4. Tim’s blog is one of the lesser-known, yet more original sites covering the lean industry beat. I myself have been featured on A Lean Journey; so some may consider my recommendation to be a bit partial here. Nonetheless, A Lean Journey has been around for quite some time (since 2009), covering topics ranging from best practices, to lean basics that can help struggling adopters quickly familiarize oneself with their impending lean culture shift. One of my favorite parts of Tim’s site is the weekly “lean quote” that gets posted every Friday. The quote is usually taken from a leader in the lean industry and used as a starting point for facilitating discussion. These posts generally end on a thought-provoking note, almost challenging you to question your own lean process and whether or not it can be improved upon.

  5. The Cerasis Blog- Cerasis.com/Blog
  6. The Cerasis Blog is the only branded blog featured on this list—and for good reason—with content being released on a daily basis, The Cerasis Blog consistently produces fresh content regarding the lean process. For the uninitiated, Cerasis is a third-party logistics company that focuses on supply-chain management. So naturally, you’ll find the majority of their posts covering the logistical side of lean management within the boundaries of a supply-chain ecosystem. This makes for some very fascinating studies regarding the efficiency of lean programs, making this a must-see for anyone involved in the manufacturing Industry.

  7. Lean Pathways- Blog.leansystems.org
  8. I’m giving a mention to The Lean Pathways Blog simply based upon merit alone: Pascal Dennis, a former employee of Toyota, maintains the blog. Anyone worth his or her salt knows that working for Toyota is essentially the Holy Grail of the lean industry. Now self-employed, Pascal is an active blogger that has a wealth of knowledge to share when discussing the quest for True North.

  9. The Old Lean Dude- OldLeanDude.com
  10. The Old Lean Dude (otherwise known by his actual name, Bruce Hamilton) is a great mentor for seasoned vets of the lean cycle. Bruce has been working with lean for well over fifteen years, witnessing a variety of new techniques and practices first hand. Bruce writes about lean often using elaborate metaphors to simulate real-life applications for lean outside the workspace. Some of you may recognize him from the “Toast Kaizen Training DVD” from a few years back, in which case Bruce’s stylistic approach to lean should come as no surprise. Bruce also uses his blog to promote a series of webinars aptly titled: “Tea Time With Toast Guy”, which can be of great service to anyone seeking to hone their lean development cycle.
    So now that you've devoured the very best of lean that the internet has to offer, you may be asking yourself, "Well, what now?"

    Magnatag has the very best tools and supplies to help you build the ultimate visually lean factory. So what are you waiting for? Take some notes and check out our site to improve upon your lean factory today!

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