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A Teachers Guide to Dry Erase Board Activities

Tue Feb 4 2014
Whiteboards are an increasingly versatile tool in the classroom and create tremendous value for school districts.  Traditional chalkboards are becoming dated as they tend to be messy and difficult to see. It can also be difficult to differentiate between different subjects and coordinate topics when using a chalkboard. A dry-erase board has bright and vibrant colors that make it easy to separate ideas into color-coded segments. It is also possible to use magnets and accessories on dry-erase boards, which adds a whole new dimension to education. With a little imagination, educators can come up with a variety of ways to use dry-erase boards to help educate students more efficiently.
One of the subjects that could benefit significantly from a dry-erase board is math. A simple tactic is to use magnetic numbers and put mathematical problems on the dry-erase board and have the children solve the problems by putting the proper numbers in the answer spots. You can also help children to remember the different mathematical functions by using different colors. For example, all addition problems can be in blue and children can learn to separate these functions in their minds, which makes them easier to learn.

Spelling, reading, and writing games are just plain fun on a dry-erase board. You can use the old standard games of hangman and word scrambles either with dry-erase markers or with magnetic letters. You can also have some fun by separating the children into two groups. The first group is given an object to draw on the dry-erase board, and the second group must correctly spell the word on the dry-erase board as quickly as possible. Another fun game is for the teacher to write down a word that may be a little beyond the students' reading level, but the students still have to try to figure out what it means. The students then get together and develop a definition that they write out on the dry-erase board. The teacher and students discuss their answer and make any corrections. When it comes to spelling, reading, and writing, it is much easier for children to learn when they can see the words written down on a dry-erase board.

Social studies is a subject that combines elements such as geography, history, and current events. This is the kind of subject where having magnets can help a great deal. For example, a teacher can put a magnet on the dry-erase board to hold a map of a certain part of the world. The students then have to identify the area by writing it on the whiteboard. Some good activities in this area include identifying all 50 states in the United States or identifying as many European countries as possible. Other good social studies activities for dry-erase boards include listing the state capitals, listing as many presidents as possible, and writing out important dates in history and their significance.

Science is a subject that is best learned through a visual medium. A dry-erase board can be invaluable to a science teacher simply because of the board's ability to use magnets to represent molecules and other scientific elements and because of the variety of colors that can be used to draw scientific representations. The different colored markers can also be used to help students break down and understand complicated scientific formulas. With dry-erase boards and colored markers, it is much easier for a teacher to exploit the visual side of teaching science.

Dry-erase boards offer a convenient way to enhance and expand on your educational lesson plans. Students will find it easier to interact with educational materials on a dry-erase board, and it is also easier to separate different areas of the same subject to make the material easier for children to understand. As a teacher, the use of bright-colored markers and a variety of dry-erase board magnets make it easier for you to get your point across to any size of class. When a dry-erase board is used to its full potential, then it can become an extremely efficient teaching tool.

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