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Creating a Whiteboard Storyboard

Sun Nov 2 2014
If you've been reading this blog for some time now, then you've discovered that there are plenty of advantages to having a whiteboard. Whether it's in the office, your home, or even your home office, they're great for things like time management, organization, and keeping track of projects, for example. However, there's one way to utilize a whiteboard that I've discovered to be extremely useful, and that's for storyboarding.

Have you ever had to storyboard something? In my career, I've had to storyboard for various projects. For one, I've worked on putting together advertisements in the past for local commercials, and storyboarding for something like this is huge. You have to see how things will eventually play out, and storyboarding on a whiteboard is also good for creating really neat animation videos.

There are many benefits of using a whiteboard to plot out a story, and here are a few.
  1. You Can Tell a Story: Whether it's by planning a video or advertisement, for example, you can tell a story through pictures on a whiteboard. This will help with planning and organization as well, especially for those who are visual learners. They'll be able to see how a process, sequence of events, or video will play out. You don't even have to be a great artist to get the point across. I'm admittedly not!
  2. Production Becomes Easier: By storyboarding on a whiteboard, you'll find that one of the many benefits is that production becomes a whole lot simpler. By storyboarding, you'll realize what props and such that you'll need to turn everything from a drawing into a reality. Not only that, but this will save you quite a bit of time doing revisions and will also save you headaches.
  3. It's a Huge Time-Saver: Have you ever noticed how when you're more organized, things are that much easier? It's the same with storyboarding. If you lay out the process in detail and have an idea of the entire process that is in front of you, you'll save time and avoid confusion. You'll be able to explain what is it you're trying to accomplish to people in a much simpler, more concise manner.
  4. Editing Mistakes is Simpler: This is no surprise, but one of the best benefits of a whiteboard is that if you make mistakes, it's no problem. And if you're like me and not a great artist when trying to depict what it is you're talking about, you'll be making a bunch of edits. It's just one of the many, many benefits that a whiteboard provides for efficient storyboarding for whatever project you may be constructing.

In all honesty, storyboarding is a lot of fun because it allows you to get really creative, and having that freedom can be a lot of fun. Have you had to use a whiteboard to storyboard anything? What have you found to be the biggest advantage of doing this? We want to hear from you, so let us and our other readers know in the comments section below.

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