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Going For Another Safe Day: Q&A with a Visual Systems Specialist

Going For Another Safe Day: Q&A with a Visual Systems Specialist

Fri Nov 6 2015
By: Mike P

No one knows more about our Magnatag products than our own Visible Systems Specialists. In an effort to gain a better understanding for our safety awareness kits, we decided to spend the afternoon picking the brain of Sue, one of Magnatag’s veteran specialists.

How long have you been working with Magnatag?
“I have been working with Magnatag since 2007, so just about eight years.”

What do you think is the most common reason people turn to Magnatag to help with their organizational needs?
“I think our customers like the visual aspect of our products. They often times have a lot of people they want to send a message to and emails are just not cutting it. Our products are something that they can hang in a central location and everyone can see. There is a sort of practicality to the products that you just can’t replicate with technology—we really offer a quality product.”

Magnatag offers a variety of safety products. Which of the safety products do you believe are the most successful? Why?
“I would say the SafeyCross® systems are the most successful. They are extremely easy to use; they allow for tracking on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. They encourage mangers to maintain safety protocol, while also keeping track of workplace incidents.”

How do managers like to use these products?
“I think safety managers really like to implement these types of boards in factory settings. You want to make people conscious of what they’re doing. You know, following safety procedures is kind of like an incentivized thing; you follow safety instructions and have your board filled to be completely green, and who knows, maybe the workers will be rewarded in some way or another. But even without incentives, these boards have an extremely powerful motivating effect on employees—I think there’s something psychologically rewarding about it that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.”

When we talk about the future of safety, what kind of expectations are safety managers expecting?
“One thing that comes to mind is technology. Technology is this ever-changing process that requires us to always be ready to adapt. Today we are seeing this desire to implement technology with everything we do, and really, I’m not sure if that is always necessary. Sure at some point we are going to reach a point where organizing and planning becomes autonomous, but even with all the leaps and bounds that technology has made over the past twenty years we are still seeing an increased demand for dry erase technology that is surpassing what we had twenty years ago. So rather than forcing technology upon our products, I believe that we should rather adapt them to act as a supplemental product. That’s something that this company has always been focused on: adapting."

What is the most important thing you have learned while working as a Visible Systems Specialist?
“I’m surprised by the sheer number of products that we offer and actually sell. Especially in today’s day and age where there is just such a demand for high-tech products. When computers were initially surging the marketplace, our founder must have thought, ”that’s it, we’re done”, largely due to the incredible power of technology. However interestingly enough, we are currently selling more of our products than we ever have. That part of the business just amazes me. Again, I think it all goes back to the fact that managers want their messages to be seen, not on a computer screen or television, but in writing. I think whiteboards offer something to our customer that’s pragmatic to a degree; written words add a sense of weight and character to a message that just cannot be replicated with type. “
Our website offers a ton of information regarding the various safety kits Magnatag has to offer. Feel free to stop by and view the entire collection of our safety maintenance dry erase kits!

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