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How Critical Component Trackers Can Help Your Factory

How Critical Component Trackers Can Help Your Factory

Tue Jan 26 2016
By: Mike P

If you’re a factory manager that finds yourself struggling to maintain a balance in your workday, I am sure you’d be hesitant to refer to the manufacturing industry as a calming practice. With orders to be processed and packages to be shipped, it should come as no surprise that factory managers (just like yourself) are always juggling more than one project at a time. Now add the post-holiday surge to the equation, and you have created a scenario that can make even the most temper-minded individuals go a little crazy.

Demand volatility like this can often times impact factory productivity, leading to tight lead-times for critical factory components. These issues are unavoidable in the manufacturing industry. So rather than be blindsided when irregular demands occur, wouldn’t you want to find a way to keep your workers informed?

Many factory managers have begun implementing Magnatag’s Critical Component Tracker® within their production facilities to help cope with irregular demands. When product inquiries go up, shortages in critical manufacturing components are sure to follow. Being able to visualize just when these shortages are occurring can make all the difference for a factory manager; what may simply start as a couple late shipments, can quickly escalate into weeks worth of back-order if not managed efficiently. Our 4x6 dry erase Critical Component Trackers are the perfect tool to track and manage up to 25 critical components in your factory. Set up in a list format, Critical Component Trackers® allow you to easily view shipment shortages and expedited deliveries, giving you the opportunity to exploit major points of interest so you can quickly get your factory back on track.

You may be asking yourself: “How can Magnatag’s Critical Component Trackers work for my factory?”

The best way to implement a Critical Component Tracker® into your factory is through engagement—you want to give your employees the opportunity to feel like a part of the team. Sure, these boards are used to track and manage supplies, but that is only half of the equation.

In addition to tracking and managing, Critical Component® systems are intended to act as a method of communication amongst everyone in your factory. Displaying information like critical components for both inventory and orders ensures that all employees are conscious of the company’s expected performance every day. Informative boards like the Critical Component Tracker® also serve as an excellent reminder that no matter what title you may hold, every member of your team is striving towards a common objective.

We find that Critical Component Trackers® are best located in an area that is easily accessible to all members of your production team. By nature, our Critical Component Trackers® are designed to be inviting; employees should feel welcome to mark and indicate when a product has been shipped or completed, thus making the tracking process easily accessible for all. As employees begin to engage with the board on a regular basis, you may notice production times become increasingly better.

As a factory manager, the benefits the Critical Component Tracker® presents to you are priceless; decreased material shortfalls result in getting more products out the door, and an easily readable display can foreshadow any supply-chain related hiccups that may come your way.
If you find yourself struggling to stay up to speed with inventory and supply-chain management, our Critical Component Tracker® may be of use to you. To learn more about this system—in addition to hundreds of other dry erase surfaces—visit our site.

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