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Introducing A New 'Spin' On The Whiteboard

Introducing A New 'Spin' On The Whiteboard

Thu Mar 10 2016
By: Mike P

We're happy to announce a new variation on our popular line of dry erase products. The new five-sided RotoCube® is designed to move information off of traditional wall mounted whiteboards and bulletin boards, and into the traffic stream where it can command attention. RotoCubes rotate silently with a finger touch in either direction to display information on five sides, totaling up to 32 feet of display space, which is equivalent to a 4’x8’ hanging board.

“Whiteboards and bulletin boards provide instantly accessible news and information and are most effective when displayed in high traffic areas where people gather, pass by, meet, and relax. Unfortunately, these areas often lack specific wall space to display a board where it will be the most useful”, says Christian Krapf, Managing Partner of Magnatag Visible Systems. “RotoCube’s 32 square feet of whiteboard and bulletin board space and its small footprint positions information where it is most likely to get people’s attention so they will stop and read it. The unique design lets several people view it at once without crowding the area.”

The RotoCube can be ordered with a combination of 35 different side panels including plain and printed magnetic dry erase bulletin boards, cork and fabric bulletin boards, calendars, document displays, or custom design panels to meet the need of any office, factory or institutional environment. RotoCube’s arrive ready to use right out of the box, complete with everything needed to operate them.

This addition comes as part of our dedication to adapt to customer feedback, with many customers suggesting we look into a new variation of the traditional whiteboard that can be useful for practitioners of the lean manufacturing process.

“We used to put data on the walls but that wasn’t working. Now we post health and safety, productivity, quality, qualifications, and Kaizen information on RotoCubes right in the work cells,” explains one RotoCube adopter from the El Paso area.

Even members of the Magnatag team attribute the recent success of the RotoCube to its flexibility with the lean management process, explained Krapf:

“Our customers say they like the RotoCube® concept of “No Walls, No Problem”, and since some of our customers have metrics with 5 components like SQDIP’s, 5 Why, 5S, and 5 days of the week, we really wanted to make sure they could cover all points of interest on a single unit. We paid close attention to customer feedback and everyone is really pleased with the result!”

For more information about the RotoCube visit our website.

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