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Obeya: The Brain of the Lean Enterprise

Fri Nov 4 2016
By: Mike P

We recently came across an article in the September/October issue of Industry Week Magazine that talks about Obeya. The article describes an Obeya as a centralized hub used for coordinating production and problem solving. Outfitted with visuals like charts, graphs, and trackers; Obeya’s are an essential part of managing and coordinating lean manufacturing efforts, functioning as a bridge between departments.

Many Factory Managers call upon our expertise in visualization of real-time data to help aid in the development of their manufacturing cycles, and after taking a look at some of the examples of Obyea’s included in Industry Week’s article, it came to our attention that many of the visual management tools that are used to track production requirements are some of Magnatag’s most popular products.

As seen in the photo attatched to the article, Magnatag produces many of the magnetic ChartHolders, supplies and accessories used in rooms of this type. Click here for the link to the article!

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