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Three Safety Maintenance Boards Factory Workers Love

Thu Oct 29 2015
By: Mike P

Our customers frequently remind us of just how integral our safety maintenance boards are to the success of their businesses. With the start of the New Year just around the corner, Magnatag hopes to make safety awareness a simple and stress-free component of your 2016 production year. Here is a list of three of our most popular safety maintenance boards amongst factory owners nationwide.

“We saw one of your SafetyCross boards at a plant we were visiting but we wanted something bigger that could be used to show the full year. After we purchased a Big SafetyYear board of our own, it got many people talking about the importance of a safe work environment. Safety on the mind translates to safety in the workplace!”-Operations Manager, UT Our Magnetic SafetyCross® whiteboard kits are an essential tool when it comes to safety management. By placing green indicator magnets to the board after each accident-free workday, employees become involved in the safety regimen of the workplace. Many of our customers find that their workers take pride in maintaining the board themselves! The SafetyCross® dry erase kits can also be tailored to your liking; Magnatag offers SafetyCross® kits in four formats including: 31 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, and even an entire years worth of tracking. All of our Safety awareness kits also come with everything needed to operate them, featuring green, yellow, and red magnets to act as performance indicators on a daily basis.

“This board was just what our safety committee was looking for. We have a lot of visitors that walk through the plant. We knew that we wanted to have safety boards up as a motivational and educational force for the workers, but we didn't want something that would show too much detail for outside eyes. These were the perfect solution”- Safety Manager, OH Magnatag’s Big SafetyYear® awareness kit acts as an expansion of our traditional SafetyCross® line of products. The great part about our Big SafetyYear® calendar is that it shows up to a years worth of safety data on a day-to-day basis. The board is set up as a monthly calendar that can be customized with the safety message of your company. Much like our SafetyCross® boards, the Big SafetyYear® tracker also comes with everything needed to operate your safety procedures including a set of magnets that will help indicate the level of safety you have achieved on a given date. These magnets are offered in two different variations: a single circle-shaped magnet to cover an entire day, or you can receive 3 shift-day bar magnets to break down each day on a three shift basis.

“We've been very happy with the safety board since we purchased it early last year to keep track of our recordable injuries. Since it is kept in our main hallway, all of the workers pass by it on their way in and out of the building. It definitely causes people to focus more on working safely. We find that the system works best when we update it on a daily basis. Whenever the board is updated to reflect an injury, you always see passerby’s stopping to read the informational cards. These are used to explain what happened and what we can do to prevent against this sort of accident in the future.”-Safety Manager, SC Documenting accidents in the workplace is a practice that all factory managers should be in the habit of doing. That is why Magnatag offers the HurtSpot® Body-Injury-Diagram, a dry erase surface that allows safety mangers to easily indicate what type of injury may have occurred, while also elaborating upon the particular incident itself. Safety managers tell us, “The human form of the HurtSpot® Board makes safety personal for everyone that sees it.” They also note that it allows employees to easily view the, who, what, when, and where of every recordable accident. This dry erase surface serves as an exceptional indicator when it comes to noticing patterns in factory injuries, indicating that further preventative actions may need to be taken. This board comes with everything needed to operate it, including large magnetic numbers that allow you to communicate the number of incidents that may have taken place. The utility board also utilizes a set of T-cards, creating additional space for accident information to be stored within.
Do any of these boards sound useful to you? Magnatag offers over 15 unique dry erase solutions for your safety awareness needs. Visit Magnatag.com to browse our entire collection of safety awareness boards today!

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