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Top 5 Sports Whiteboards of 2017 (and 2016).

Top 5 Sports Whiteboards of 2017 (and 2016).

Fri May 26 2017
By: Mike P

Whiteboards have had a place in the world of sports ever since they hit the mainstream in the 1980s. Coaches to draw up plays on the sideline; general managers spend hours brainstorming depth cart strategy with their scouting team, and players fine-tune their playbook knowledge all with the help of a whiteboard. We recently took some time to look back at some of our favorite whiteboard memories from this past sports season.
  1. Mooch’s Whiteboard- One of the most entertaining bits of content the NFL network is responsible for in the offseason is the Mooch’s Whiteboard series. While it’s not technically a moment that happens spontaneously, it’s still a fun and entertaining series that can provide enthusiasts with some expert insight on draft picks as the offseason begins its slow churn. Some of our personal favorites from the 2017 draft class include: Mitchell Trubiski & Deshone Kizer
  2. The Orlando Magic Whiteboard Scandal- The Orlando Magic made a major mistake this past spring after publically posting an image of their free agency plans live on social media. The image, which features rookie Patricio Garino signing a contract in front of an office whiteboard covered in trade and free agency prospects, also gave the public some insight into what goes on behind the curtain as teams prepare for the offseason. 58 individual player names were featured on the Magic’s whiteboard, but according to Orlando’s GM, Rob Hennigan, the list is “not indicative of future plans”. We’d love to believe Rob was telling the truth, but given that he was released from his duties only a week after the incident unfolded, we’re not so sure.
  3. Baylor’s Scott Drew Motivated His Competition- After Baylor won their first round matchup in the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Finals, some avid fans already began discussing the possibility of meeting up with their Big-12 rival, Kansas, in the tournament’s final round. Rather than fall victim to fan speculation, Baylor Head Coach, Scott Drew, took it upon himself to share in the conference pride after Kansas took out the Michigan State powerhouse in the sweet sixteen. After the big win, Drew let himself into the Kansas locker room to leave a message behind for his fellow Big-12 competition on the team’s whiteboard.
  4. Pete Carroll Destroys a Whiteboard- This is the only whiteboard story we (unfortunately) do not have imagery available for—it actually happened over a year ago— but it’s just too great to leave out. In preparing for their wildcard matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, the Seattle Seahawks Head Coach, Pete Carroll, began reminiscing with his players about his days as a free safety at the University of the Pacific. Apparently he was so hyped over discussing his glory days that he actually tackled a whiteboard. We can’t do the story justice, so here’s a brief excerpt from a Sports Illustrated interview with players who were there that night:

    “That poor whiteboard. It never saw him coming. Carroll never stopped. He never even slowed. He tackled the board the way that Chancellor decimates unsuspecting running backs, with such force that that the board detached from its base, broke into pieces and landed on the ground. As far as tone-setters go, this one registered with the Seahawks, who had seen their 64-year-old coach do just about everything to prepare them for a game. Everything, that is, except that.

    “We already know he’s the craziest, kookiest coach around,” cornerback Richard Sherman said. “But I was like, he must be getting senile now.”

    “I was like, he’s trippin’,” receiver Doug Baldwin said. “Like, this old man is trying to hurt himself.”

    “Of all the crazy s--- that Pete has done,” added defensive end Michael Bennett, “this is Top 1, probably.”
  5. Steve Kerr vs. Whiteboard- This is a prime example of why you should never cheap out on your whiteboard. Steve Kerr channeled his inner-Thor and smashed this whiteboard as if it was made out of eggshells. The funny thing is that this was game one of the NBA finals—a series that Kerr’s warriors would end up losing after a 3-1 lead. I would hate to see his reaction after game 7!

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