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What Proven Tech Helps Members Of The US Military Prepare?

What Proven Tech Helps Members Of The US Military Prepare?

Fri Mar 4 2016
By: Mike P

Before the days of smartphones and GPS monitors, we relied on maps to help us navigate the unknown. There was never a need for accessories or an extra set of laser pointers due to the hands-on nature of a physical map. Nowadays, finding your way around the world takes a matter of seconds with the help of computer programs and other tech friendly navigation tools. Yet at Magnatag, we still find a large majority of our customers relying on the pragmatic nature of physical maps to help accomplish tasks on an extremely large scale.

MagnaMaps® In Action

Transitioning troops from a training-centric force to a combat-centric force starts with management. As any competent high-ranking military officer knows, being able to work through hypothetical combat situations as a group can make the difference between life and death on the battlefield—and with the help of MagnaMaps—training officers can ensure that troops are combat ready:

“We use our maps when training about tracking equipment and personnel. We have locations of each of our armories marked with the WakTacks® and a magnetized military vehicle icon showing the various vehicles and personnel in that particular armory. The military vehicle icons are marked in order to show if that specific vehicle is mission ready or not. This facilitates our mission planning in accordance to what we are expected to provide. As people and equipment move and respond, we have the capability to move those icons on the map in order to keep a current situation visible for commanders to view.”

But MagnaMaps® aren’t strictly utilized for training purposes; in fact, we recently discovered that some boards are being used by members of the Air Force to help with routine operations at the local air station:

“Having the ability to quickly survey our area and gauge range, using the range rings, from our air station has been beneficial and reduced our time to get off the ground and go flying.”

Christian Krapf, the President of Magnatag Visible Systems, attributes the growing popularity of MagnaMaps® in Us Military bases to the products design:

“Our military customers tell us the magnetic and dry erase properties of our MagnaMaps® allow them to visually communicate expectations with their troops, both in training and field operations. Giving your map a large-scale design allows you to highlight the most important aspects of your presentation, capturing the attention of everyone in the room. MagnaMaps® offer commanders a tactical advantage when planning and executing operations that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else.”

About MagnaMaps®

Our line of made-to-order, dry erase, magnetic MagnaMaps® have quickly become the go-to planning resource amongst members of the US Military. Ranging from

Lieutenant’s in the Coast Guard to Major’s in the Air Force, MagnaMaps® give you a tactical advantage when it comes to planning and executing large-scale operations.

Magnatag’s creative team will work with your to create a product that is built specifically to your needs. Do you need a photorealistic recreation of a military base? No problem! When it comes to MagnaMaps®, we pride ourselves on paying close attention to detail and accuracy, so your map is delivered just how you want it and exactly how you need it.
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