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Whiteboards, Conference Rooms, and The Scheduling Institute: An Inside Look At The Dental Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Whiteboards, Conference Rooms, and The Scheduling Institute: An Inside Look At The Dental Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Thu May 19 2016
By: Mike P

As the leading manufacturer of dry erase whiteboards, schedules, and office supplies, companies frequently call upon our expertise to help create an effective means of visual communication. We’ve helped thousands of companies find the perfect solution for all their communication needs, providing facilities with the tools needed to create a cohesive and connected work environment. We recently joined forces with The Scheduling Institute in Alpharetta, Georgia, as their global headquarters underwent a massive redesign.

The Scheduling Institute is a company that is focused on helping private practice doctors change how they approach their business strategies. By teaching doctors and their staff about how to work “on" the business instead of “in” the business, dental practices that have taken part in one of The Scheduling Institute’s many workshops and accompanying classes have become more safe, efficient, and profitable. Students of the program are taught business strategies and leadership skills that help grow and maintain their practice. All along the way, instructors encourage students to find a purpose for what they do and how they can make a bigger impact on their staff, their patients, and their community.

Andrea Lansford, who’s in charge of expediting The Scheduling Institute’s creative teams, has spent a great deal of time developing internal spaces for employees to work in that will facilitate growth, creativity, and collaboration in an effort to strive for bigger goals.

“If you could only see the magic behind the scenes! Each department has their own war room lined with the Magnatag WhiteWalls! Some are marked up floor to ceiling with our own internal strategies to help reach the clients and help them think bigger and better. Others have pages of magazines and marketing materials magnetized to the wall so we can lie out our approach for each quarter, in an effort to enrich our client’s journey. We even leave some of our whiteboards blank, ready for the next brainstorming session on the next great concept we should be teaching our clients.” The idea to incorporate dry erase boards into The Scheduling Institute’s redesigns stems from the visual philosophy that has been set in place by the school’s CEO, Jay Geier.

“Our CEO is extremely visual; he’d much rather see a plan written out, as opposed to a PDF or Word document. There’s something to the fact that—with the WhiteWall in particular—a team can walk into a room and instantaneously know what the consensus is based simply off of the contents of a wall”, says Facilities Manager Joe Mccormack

“Our war rooms are constantly being remodeled, but with that being said, WhiteWalls always stay a consistent piece of the puzzle. We have them set up in a variety of ways; when we are planning out how we want to set up a room, there is a lot of thought that goes into the overall structure and placement of dry erase surfaces. You know, sometimes there’s a window or television that we don’t want to cover, and in those sorts of cases, it’s great to have a product that is customizable on a room-to-room basis.”

With four facilities located within Alpharetta, The Scheduling Institute boasts an average of 1,700 unique visitors a month, with each visitor taking part in staff and doctor training workshops. As a result of the contestant stream of participants, The Scheduling Institute recently took their teachings Westward, opening up a facility located in Phoenix, Arizona; offering West Coast practitioners a convenient method for their dental training needs. From a design standpoint, WhiteWalls allow The Scheduling Institute to enhance the teaching experience, offering an unparalleled level of flexibility to workspaces, as explained by Mccormack. “One of my favorite aspects of the WhiteWall is that it’s completely customizable. They come as a flat surface, so there aren’t any trays poking out, and I can modify and move the individual panels as necessary. The obvious alternative [to WhiteWalls] is dry erase paint; the problem with paints is that they erase poorly. You can never get that ‘good as new’ look with a paint based product. Corkboards and regular whiteboards are limited in flow, whereas, when we’ve got a room full of WhiteWall Panels, everything is seamless… The frameless design of the WhiteWall panels adds to the aesthetic value of the product.”

It’s extremely gratifying to see how an innovative customer like The Scheduling Institute is putting our WhiteWall product to use. We are continually hearing how WhiteWalls have become the go-to resource for companies that are looking to elevate the creative capacity of their conference rooms.

If you’d like to learn more about The Scheduling Institute and their commitment to the dental industry, you can visit their site.

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