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A New Take On The Traditional File Cabinet

A New Take On The Traditional File Cabinet

Tue May 3 2016
By: Mike P

Described as a “unique and innovative way to organize important information”, the new FileView® wall file organizer combines the simplicity of color-coded wall files with the functionality of a dry erase board.

The FileView® wall file organizer leaves behind its bulky, metal counterpart of the past in exchange for a reduced profile that is compatible with any of Magnatag’s BoldLyne® framed whiteboards. This unique design means information can be organized, stored, and updated in conjunction with Magnatag's planning and scheduling whiteboard systems.

Christian Krapf, the COO and President of Magnatag Visible Systems, attributed the redesigned format of the FileView® as an answer to customer requests:

“We really listened to what our customers were asking for with our products, which was something lightweight and easily maneuverable. File cabinets are just too bulky and we really wanted to make the process of storing files and locating information easier.”

Standalone units come packaged with a magnetic dry-erase side panel that gives users the opportunity to easily label folder pockets for easy access to a file’s contents and location. In addition to the dry erase side panel, FileView® organizers also come pre-packaged with large magnetic cardholders and Magnatag’s Letter-Easy templates.

FileView® wall organizers can be purchased in either a horizontal or vertical document orientation—in addition to a choice of either black or silver aluminum framing options—so you can display your most important files, regardless of size, shape, or style preference.
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