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How to Hang a Whiteboard

How to Hang a Whiteboard

Thu Jan 14 2016
By: Mike P

A big hurdle many whiteboard owners face is hanging their unit. A board may be an awkward fit for a desired wall space, or you may be worried about whether or not your cement-board wall will have the structural integrity to hold the weight of your whiteboard. Magnatag recently developed a technology that alleviates these worries, while making hanging a whiteboard easier.

However, one of the first things you must consider before hanging your whiteboard is location. Whiteboards are designed to be the focal point of a room, so the surface has to be easily accessible. Avoid hanging a whiteboard above a desk or table, as this acts as an obstruction when interacting with the board. You will also want to consider how high you want to hang your whiteboard. Given that you want to make the most out of your dry erase surface, a whiteboard should always be hung no higher than eye level. Here at Magnatag, we recommend lining up the center of the board with your chest. This way you will be able to easily write at both the top and the bottom of the board without trouble.

Whiteboards are traditionally hung on a studded drywall surface. Most companies recommend that you mount your whiteboard wall hangers directly into the (16 on center studs) in your wall. While this is a perfectly acceptable way to hang a whiteboard, it forces you to mount your whiteboard within 16 inches of your desired location. This can sometimes result in the board being 16 inches to the left or right of your ideal location. In addition, you may also use cement-board anchors to ensure that your whiteboard hangers stay in the wall and support your board in your desired location.

But perhaps your arrangement doesn’t allow for either of theses set-ups; an alternative method is to use a specialized tripod stand for hanging purposes. Tripod stands will not only protect your walls from damage, but they are also easily maneuverable, giving you the opportunity to move your whiteboard anywhere. However, tripod stands are extremely bulky, and can be easily knocked over, causing more of an issue than they are actually worth.

The research department at Magnatag set out to create a hanging device that could be screwed directly into the studs of your wall and still give you the flexibility to shift your whiteboard to your desired location.

Our FrameKlamp technology is the ultimate way to hang your dry erase surface. FrameKlamp’s are specially designed to work alongside any Magnatag-framed surface. Brackets are drilled directly into the wall, giving you a sleek design that minimalizes clutter. Once applied to the wall, the brackets allow you to easily slide your dry erase surface to the left or the right until you reached your desired location. With FrameKlamp’s, you no longer need to worry about anchor points dictating where you install your whiteboard. Once you have positioned your whiteboard into its desired location, you can push down on the clamp to secure the whiteboard to your wall.
If you find yourself having difficulties installing your own whiteboard system, Magnatag’s FrameKlamp’s may be the proper solution for you. Visit our website for even more details regarding our FrameKlamp technology.