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WhiteWalls Make Their Way Into The Classroom

WhiteWalls Make Their Way Into The Classroom

Tue Jan 24 2017
By: Mike P

A couple weeks back we received a picture of WhiteWalls being put to use in a local high school English classroom. This image is just one of the many we frequently receive from satisfied Magnatag customers on a regular basis. I recently followed up with the member of our sales team that was responsible for the order in hopes to better understand what prompted the school's interest in WhiteWalls.

As it turns out, the WhiteWalls purchase was prompted by a faculty member that was looking to maximize wall space in the classroom. If you've spent any about of time researching wall-sized whiteboard solutions, you've probably noticed that options outside of dry erase paint are extremely limited. As the Director of Buildings brainstormed options for a large-scale writing surface, he quickly encountered a few obstacles involving dry erase paint: Primarily, dry erase paint is more likely to present ghosting issues, leaving questions regarding durability after prolonged periods of use. The second issue was that many school districts—including the one in question—have restrictions set in place for the types of paint used within their facilities. Given that the Director of Buildings oversees an entire district, this process of approving paint involves clearing the solution for multiple schools in the area. While manageable, this process would only prolong the search for a large-scale dry erase solution.

It's also worth noting the placement of the WhiteWall panels. In this case the panels were sized to fit above data ports and electric outlets which saved the school money on materials and installation. Another common issue that comes into play when planning a classroom is the amount of vertical clearance available at the ceiling. Specially designed with the dimensions of the room in mind, our manufacturing team was able to create panels that fit within the school district's pre-existing building codes and actually saved the school more money on materials. According to the OSHA, the minimum vertical clearance between sprinklers and material below shall be 18-inches. The 18-inch vertical clearance requirement is treated as a horizontal plane throughout the storage area or room, meaning that anything—regardless of where it lies in relation to the room's sprinklers—must be below the 18-inch threshold. With these restrictions in mind, our team of engineers were able to develop a dry erase surface that was able to meet a variety of government regulations while still maintaining a modern design.

Each WhiteWall panel mounts to an individual wall bracket, allowing panels to slide together to create a continuous workspace. As you can see, WhiteWalls gave this classroom the opportunity to work out an entire literature analysis without compromising any workspace. The panels are large enough to enable ideas to flow freely, allowing both students and teachers to work out concepts side-by-side without the hinderance of a board frame.

As you can see, we're thrilled to see that our WhiteWall panels are making a difference in the classroom! If you'd like to learn more about our WhiteWall panels, visit our website.