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Crafty Ways to Use a Whiteboard at Home

Wed Apr 16 2014
If you're anything like me, being organized is a high priority in your life. To be honest, I'm probably too organized. If I'm ever in a situation that is completely unorganized, I find myself frustrated and have difficulty focusing, and I'm sure there are some of you who can relate to that.

Not only are whiteboards great for organization at any business or at hospitals, for example, but they're great for staying organized around the house. Personally, I've found great use for them around the house in a lot of different ways, and here are some creative home uses for whiteboards that I would like to share with you.

  1. Maintain a Calendar: Life can be crazy. Between your job, your family life, and any other events, you're going to forget about something at some point, unfortunately. There are many different types of calendars in the form of whiteboards that would be a great fit in your home. Besides, a regular-sized calendar barely gives you enough space sometimes to fill in what's going on for a particular day. You can have the ultimate home calendar with a great whiteboard in the house.
  2. Keep the Fridge Stocked: At one point or another, we've all been driving home from work wondering if we had a particular food item at home or if we should stop to pick it up. Not only that, but a grocery list written down at home can be easily lost. With a whiteboard in the kitchen, you can keep an ongoing grocery list so that you'll always know exactly what you need to grab on your next visit to the local supermarket.
  3. Have Some Fun With the Kids: Family time is important, and that involves spending time with your children. Having a whiteboard in the home can be great for playing games with your children. Easily, our favorite game to play on the whiteboard in the house is hangman. Not only can you and the family have fun playing games, but whiteboards can be great for artwork in the house, too!
  4. Stay Organized in Your Home Office: As I said, at the office, I have to be organized to keep my sanity, and the same applies to my home office as well. You can keep a to-do list with a great whiteboard. Personally, I like to separate the whiteboard in my home office into two sides - one for "work to do" and one for "work completed." It's pretty motivating trying to get every assignment and task over that right column!
  5. Motivation Quotes: Some days (or most days if you're not a morning person), we could all use a little inspiration. For myself, I like to keep inspirational quotes on the home whiteboard that are related to innovation and success, as they motivate me to be better every day at the office. Also, we try to keep a "Motivational Quote of the Week" on our board at home, one that everyone in the family can appreciate each week.

Do you use whiteboards outside of the office? If you're like me and put them to good use inside of your home, what have been the best uses and biggest benefits for you?

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