Over 2300 Job-Specific and All-Purpose Magnetic Whiteboard Kits
Made in USA flag

Crisis management systems designed to help Hospitals, Medical Manufacturers and the US Government fight this Pandemic.

We have gathered a collection of board systems that will help track, locate, and communicate critical information during this crisis. We have a large assortment of boards designed to help you track, prioritize, and communicate large, complex, multifaceted projects or initiatives. The foundation of our products is the communication of critical and often complex information in a clear, intuitive way for those who Need To Know. Our priority is to those on the frontline of this pandemic, and your orders will ship fast. Our boards Will arrive in a matter of days and can be installed easily and quickly. The intuitive nature of our magnetic kits and systems will get you and your team communicating instantly. We have board systems for hospitals, medical and food manufacturers, and the military/GSA. We have board systems that help track inventory and assets. These board systems are designed to keep track of the status of equipment, beds and staff. We make large custom maps for the military and first responders as well as logistical companies.

Crisis Management