Overcoming Obstacles in the IT Industry


As a professional in the information technology field, you’re often expected to work crazy hours and keep up with rapidly changing conditions while getting your job done every day.

So what challenges do IT professionals face and how can they overcome them? Overcoming communication barriers, staying organized, working in teams and making the most of meetings are the biggest challenges I have found in my experience in the IT field. Communication between departments is often sorely lacking. Demands from a variety of users with different levels of expertise and different expectations may hamper your productivity and ability to stay organized. Endless meetings and fruitless attempts at collaboration can make accomplishing goals a challenge.  Personally, I have found that using whiteboards can be a solution to all of these barriers.

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Whiteboard Learning: The Basics of Geometry

The grand pillars on ancient Greek temples, modern soda bottles, and the metric system all testify to the importance of geometry in our world. For millennia, human beings have been engaged in the study of geometry, which is a subset of mathematics that addresses issues such as position, space, size, volume, shape, and so forth. Today, it is a required course in most secondary education programs.Euclidean geometry is the most famous branch of geometry, but there are several other branches such as differential geometry, projective geometry, and others. This resource guide to geometry deals mainly with Euclidean geometry and features links to several resource pages with lessons, games, and other activities to help you master the subject. Use it to enhance your understanding of this important branch of mathematics and to have fun with shapes, lines, points, and more. Continue reading Whiteboard Learning: The Basics of Geometry

What is Project Management and How Does it Affect Business?

Project management in its simplest form is the act of planning, organizing, motivating, and utilizing resources to reach a specific goal. A project is almost always a temporary procedure – whether it is short-term or long-term – with defined and expected results, a time line, and is generally meant to meet specific objectives and outcomes. Since projects are time-sensitive and have to meet certain guidelines, they are usually best handled by being properly laid out and outlined, with the right people working on it, and utilizing the correct resources, all within the allocated budget and still meeting a high standard quality. By understanding what exactly it is that project management involves, and discovering how companies can benefit from it, maybe those companies without project management strategies can learn to adopt them in time.

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Using Visual Communications in Business

Imagine the Internet without YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, or Facebook. Better yet, envision the world without any graphics, images, symbols, or even color. Think of a fast – food menu with only words and prices. It probably does not sound very stimulating. Humans rely on visual aids to better understand the world. Visuals enhance the human experience by a large margin. In fact, humans communicate using nonverbal, visual communication through body language. Studies have shown that 55 percent of communication stems from body language, 38 percent from tone of voice, and 7 percent from the actual words spoken. Therefore, it only makes sense to incorporate visual aids in every aspect of daily life, especially in business. Communication through use of visual aids excites the perception filters of the intended audience, making it an effective tool in marketing. Nothing else comes close in the business world, not even radio broadcasts with repeated advertisements. Visuals make it happen.

What is Visual Communication?

Visual communication is the conveyance of messages through visual aids. Visual communication relies on vision to receive and process images. Visual aids may come in the form of advertising, animation, illustration, graphic design, typography, drawing, or industrial design. Visual communication takes place through graphs, charts, pictures, signs, signals, and symbols. A combination of these may create an expression unparalleled by words alone.

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Can Whiteboards Improve Patient Satisfaction and HCAHPS Scores?

Can Whiteboards Improve Patient Satisfaction and HCAHPS Scores

The patient experience is an area of healthcare that can no longer be overlooked. Patients are routinely questioned about the care they receive through HCHAPS surveys. The results of these surveys can have an impact of the level of Medicare reimbursement a hospital receives. According HCAHPS to December 2014 summaries, 21% of patients did not feel like nurses always communicated well, 36% did not feel they were always provided information about their medications, and 32% did not feel the hospital staff were always responsive.

Can a simple whiteboard be used as effective communication tool to address these problem areas and improve patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores?

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The Ultimate Guide to Project Management Approaches

A good project management strategy will ensure that the final result comes from concentrated effort as opposed to wasted efforts. However, not all product management methods work for all applications. For those who are new to project management, there is a learning curve and a period of adjustment. Project managers must find the approach that works best for their specific project. Even the same company or industry must employ different management approaches depending on the nature of the project. It’s a good idea to know and understand some of the different types of project management approaches available.

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The Importance of Communication

Compared to all other living creatures, humans have incredibly advanced methods of communication. It is the main way in which we convey information and get certain points or ideas across to another person. The way we communicate can also vary depending on who we might be talking to. For example, think about how differently the same person might address a child versus the president of a company. Communication is powerful enough to sway opinions, cultivate relationships, and form impressions. Read on to learn more about different types of communication in various scenarios.

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The History of Whiteboard Learning

According to one version of events, a Korean War veteran, Martin Heit, discovered while working with photographic film that he could write on the negatives with Sharpie pens. Heit went on to invent the first whiteboard in the mid-1950s using the same laminate material used in film negatives. Continue reading The History of Whiteboard Learning

The Complete Guide To Conducting Effective Business Meetings

Meetings are an important part of nearly every business. Effective meetings allow owners, management and employees to communicate with one another, and also help to facilitate company growth and success. While they often take place between members of the same company, a business meeting may also be with prospective clients or between companies that wish to do business together. Unfortunately, not all meetings are as productive or as welcome as they should be. Often this may be attributed to poor planning, lack of participation and boredom. When conducting a meeting, it is important that organizers recognize what it takes to make it a success.
Be Prepared
Preparation is paramount when it comes to the success or the failure of a business meeting. There are very simple ways in which this can be done. To start, consider the purpose of the meeting as there should always be a clear purpose and desired outcome.

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Biggest Benefits & Reasons to Track Student Progress


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As technology becomes more dominant in the educational setting, it is important to have a system that will work cohesively among a number of areas to enhance communication and productivity. The implementation of whiteboard systems has been a welcome advantage in assisting teachers and administrators in the identification of student and district-centered solutions.

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